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Posted by tscoct - July 28th, 2023

yeah i totally forgor about this one, i will proably revisit it in the fututre, bcs its funny




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kinda proud of how its turning out rn

btw she's from Pseudoregalia



Posted by tscoct - July 18th, 2023


postin another wip



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Posted by tscoct - May 21st, 2023

Hey yall, my account is now 5 years old! (i mean, i think it is? based on timezone, idk, basically i registered it on 05.21.18)

Time flies huh?

Anyway, I didnt really prepare anything for this anniversary, but I'll probably just tell my experience with Newground so far in a nutshell (kinda long, you don't have to read anything tho lol)


So yeah, my first account ever created was on deviantart, which i dropped recently due to platform being.... inconsistent, i guess, and with recent AI shit they've been rolling out.

It was created in 2016, after two years i somehow discovered Newgrounds, either through artisits i followed on da or just by pure luck, after some research i've found out that NG was the source to most weird flash games i've played or seen other play (aka Pico vs Uberkids, which kinda scarred me bcs my older played it in front of me when i was a dumb baby lol).

I've decided to join, and started reposting my art here too.

Early years

They were kinda uneventful, i posted art, posted a crappy painting app, i think some animation too, but then I've noticed an announcement for Half Life Reanimated collab.

I've seen results of animation collabs before, but never been in one, i kinda wanted to try joining it but there was a major obstacle on my way, and that was my shyness lol.

So yeah, i was kinda scared to join, but decided to try anyway, and i got accepted!

At the time i had to combine animation with some heavy uni work, but i managed to finish my part (it was kinda flat on humor and animation quality but for a first time i think it was fine, i think i've also made a huge mistake by posting my part before the whole collab was out, but, well. hopefully i wont make that mistake again).

After some delays and other technical issues the whole collab has been released to the Newgrounds:

I am still proud of this work and i would like to thank @TerrorByte for hosting and pulling through despite all the shit that has happened in the making, and also for basically kickstarting my career.

Like i've said before, i was kinda shy and didnt really talk to anyone, but while working on the collab i've got to meet a lot of people, and it helped to overcome that in a way.

After that i've started working on more stuff, for example

Pixel Day Entries!

It's probably one of my favorite events on newgrounds so far, since i like retro stuff anyway, and there is a WHOLE DAY and a CONTEST dedicated to it, i've got to try it somehow!

But at the moment i was out of ideas, until i came across this AVGN clip about bits, you probably know it already lol.

I've finally got an idea for an entry, and i started working on it, and when i almost finished it, coincidentally the Bit meme gained popularity, it couldnt be more perfect of a timing than that!

So i finished the animation and published it, and it even got a fifth place iirc, which made me really happy (even to this day lol)

the animation was also posted on youtube, but it didnt get that many views compared to NG at the time, until, one year later the youtube algorithm bugged out and started recommending it to everyone, even me.

It earned me some subs and it has half a mil views, which doesnt really do anything, since the statistics on most other vids are about the same as before lol.

Year has passed since last Pixel Day, and i've decided to join yet again with a different me, this time it was this:

I got disqualified for using copyrighted characters, but i did make @ThatJohnnyGuy laugh, which was nice enough for me, i mean, i just like doing dumb animations, i dont really care if they win or not.

Another year has passed and Pixel Day 2023 came, due to some pressure at uni I was thinking about skipping this year's event and instead post something smaller in scale, that was the Walkin Goober Squad

(btw, even if it was intended as a smaller scale project, it took me about 2 months to complete still)

Buuut, a week before Pixel Day i've got inspiration and motivation to actually animate SOMETHING, but i only had less than a week to do so, fortunately the week was mostly free (Monday was my last exam, whcih i sapped with flying colors), so i've decided to start working and optimize EVERYTHING.

Everyday i would wake up early, and just animate, or work on anything related to the animation, i did minimal planning (all i did is basically pick a meme, imagine parts the animation would have and thats it) and mostly just added anything that seemed funny or nice looking, some smaller parts got scrapped due to time constraints but i pulled it off!

And this was the result of it!

Thanks to @baryiscool 's Awesome track and @TheRealArtie 's character this animation got a third place, got featured on frontpage, got its preview image used for Pixel Day Playlist preview image and it is currently my most watched animation on NG!


It was kinda overwhelming when it all happened but i am really happy that it did happen lol

I want to thank @ThatJohnnyGuy for still hosting and judging the event! You are awesome!

Oher projects

Beside Pixel day i've also made some more original projects and participated in the making of others, i'll probably shortly mention some of them

Eat bean Series

First started off as a meme, but now its kinda a dumb franchise of sorts lol


You can check out all of the games in the series here

Stepford's Mobile Jam 2022

I've made a two week game for @Stepford 's Game jam

it's kidna bad lmao, but the event was fun and produced many cool ideas and games, hopefully i'll get to join it this year too!

Pet the Capdog!

This was made as a silly birthday gift for @irri

but somehow this has become really popular (for context, this still has the highest views of all of my entries, it even manages to still beat Artie's clocks, IDK HOW)

i am still quite confused lol

@Ant projects

we both contributed to each others projects (and maybe there are some that you dont even know about yet, hint hint)

Mainly i did some art pieces for the games, and Ant did voice acting for mine projects

he is currently the official voice for Yosh from Eat bean series

and he also voiced a fucking racecar in the other game lol

Thank you Ant, Awesome Work!

Closure or ending idk how to call these

There are a lot of other projects and art i've made, but i dont think i ahve enough time to talk about it lol (i am also currently reworking a paper for uni, because they changed the standarts or some shit, which means i gotta redo about 90% of the thing, so the time is kinda limited)

These 5 years on Newgrounds were Wonderful, the people are great, the portals are filled with gems, that could not have existed on other platforms, and the support has been great too!

I hope that i will be able to contribute and be apart of this great community, because without it, i would probably be the same shy dude posting art on da lol

Anyway, big thanks to @TomFulp for running and maintaining this place!

Without you i would be nothing lol

And thank you Newgrounds for being an awesome place and an awesome supporter!

Thanks for reading or looking through, hopefully i'll have more time to post some project in the near future!

(also the text is kinda messy, mostly cuz i was writing fast, English is not my first lang and im overall tired, so excuse me for that and feel free to point our obv mistakes ive made)